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Drone Photography


After Effects w/
Premiere Pro
Ableton Live w/
Max For Live
Resolume Arena
2D Animation


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Video Artist/Creative


Emi Stahl is a Swedish video creator based in Stockholm. She creates and consults Visual Content for the performing arts scene. 


Emi has a VJ and animator background with broad experience of projection mapping on different materials. 


Her focus lies in exploring movement adjusted to sound and environment, creating videos that are carefully adapted to space and all its impressions. 


Emi has created video content since 2012 and her style is often very slow drone videos and animations of nature and environments with simple faded colors. 

Working with clients as Royal Dramatic Theatre, The Royal Swedish Opera and SVT.


• 2014-2017

Audiovisual Arts,

Falun University

• 2010-2012

Animation and experimental film, Animation Academy, Stockholm


• Kolla! 2014

Gold in the category of Moving Image.

Video Design Theatre and Opera

•  2023 Tiden är vårt hem, Eirik Stubø, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern


• 2023 Oresteia, Eirik Stubø, Det Norska Teatret

• 2023 Den stora skrivboken, Sofia Jupither, Royal Dramatic theater 


•  2022 Vi är luftens drottning, Viktoria Dalborg, Helsingborgs stadsteater

• 2020 Candide, Ole Anders Tandberg, The Royal Swedish Opera

• 2018-2019 En natt i den svenska sommaren, Eirik Stubø, Royal Dramatic theatre,

Video technician/Video designer, theatre performance (tour Belgrad, Beijing and Budapest).

• 2019 Innan träden faller, Birgitta Egerbladh, Borås Stadsteater

• 2018 -2019  Carmen, Johanna Garpe, The Royal Swedish Opera

• 2018 Video effects, De redan frälsta, Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, Riksteatern

• 2018 Polarfararna, Åsa Johannisson, Riksteatern

Performances and Exhibitions


•  2022 Nymus Live, Visual live performance, Norrdans Fyren

•  2022 KLANG/MATERIA, Group exhibition and visual live performance, Apotekshuset

• 2021 Tove Nowén and Emi Stahl, Visual Live performance, Nonagonfestival

• 2019 Installation, Projection mapping on house, Borlänge Science Festival, Borlänge Kommun

• 2016 Skia, audiovisual installation, Avesta Art


• 2021 - Co-founder and board member of Nonagonfestival


• 2018-2020 Video Designer, Qpoint

• 2019 Director and producer, educational shortfilms, Bokstart

• 2017 Visual artist, shortfilm, Long Winter, Running Rivers

• 2018 Video Editor, trailers, Riksteatern

• 2015-2020 Co-founder of audiovisual collective Gruvfrun

• 2014 Animator, animated documentary, Embryo, SVT

Stage Visuals 

• 2020 Animator, LED video Smith & Thell, award show, Grammis, Stockholm

• 2019 Content creator, Sceptron LED video, Live show Berwaldhallen 40years, SVT

• 2019 Video content, award show, Gannevik, Konstnärsnämden

• 2019 Visuals, Concert Silvana Imam, Annexet

• 2018 Visuals LED, Live show kungsträdgården, Eldfesten, Riksteatern

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